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San Antonio Criminal Law Firm

Personable, Passionate, Persistent Attorneys with Creative Solutions

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At the Krause Law Firm, we fight for clients in San Antonio facing various criminal charges, from drug offenses to DWI to assault, among other misdemeanors, felonies and expunctions. Our attorneys like being in trial and will not back down from a fight. We are persistent attorneys fighting for the best resolutions for our clients, and we take every case personally. When clients enlist the help of our firm, they can expect to work with a team of personable and ethical attorneys who will balance their compassion with their professional knowledge to efficiently fight for your defense. We are a team of enthusiastic attorneys who will seek creative solutions to your unique cases. After all, every case is different, and our attorneys understand there is no one size fits all solution to criminal cases. We will do our best to tell your story in court and thoroughly exhaust every available option to secure as desirable an outcome as possible.

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We Do Things Differently

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Persistent & Dedicated Trial Attorneys Who Will Take Your Case Personally

The Empathy to Help You & the Know-How to Get the Best Results Possible

A Former Prosecutor Puts Her Knowledge of Both Sides of the Law to Work in Your Favor

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We Fight Because We Care

We Take Each Case Personally & Defend You Like We Are In Your Shoes

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Why Hire Our Women-Led Team at the Krause Law Firm?

The Krause Law Firm is an all-women law firm led by Attorney Staci Krause. With every case, we start with a goal of dismissal. It should not be easy for the system to convict an individual who is not guilty, and we passionately believe in defending your right to a future. Attorney Krause is a personable and friendly attorney who knows how to put up a fight for you in trial. We will be sure to communicate with our clients at every stage of the case and are available 24/7 to discuss your options and potential strategies moving forward. As lawyers, we balance a sledgehammer with a scalpel – we know how to fight aggressively for

your defense with careful attention to even the smallest details that could make the biggest difference in your outcome.

We understand how hard it can be to face a criminal charge. This is why we take an empathetic and ethical approach as we work together with you on your defense. We fight because we care, and we passionately believe the law should be on your side. Work with a team with a Rising Star SA Award and Young Attorney of the Year from the San Antonio Criminal Association.

Need someone in your corner? Say no more. Our team at the Krause Law Firm will fight for the best possible outcome for you until the final verdict and beyond. Schedule a free consultation today by calling (210) 455-1333 or filling out a contact form here.

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Client Reviews

Read What Our Clients are Saying

  • She is passionate and fights for her clients.

    “Staci is one of my “go-to” attorneys for help and support. She’s amazing!” Read more

    -Valerie H.

  • A fierce advocate who will work to get a positive outcome in any case.

    “She is intelligent and passionate about what she does. I highly recommend her.” Read more

    -Gary H.

  • They made the entire experience bearable and I could not have asked for a better outcome.

    “Knowledgeable, patient, and caring! She was very patient with all of my questions and gave me a very clear understanding of what was going to happen.” Read more

    – Deborah S.

  • Lifesaver! This awesome woman did for me in a couple of months what I’ve been trying to get resolved for many years.

    “Staci made this process easy for me, I didn’t have to travel from California to appear in court like every other attorney had told me I would.” Read more

    – Brandiss T.

  • She’s the best lawyer, so precise and honest.

    “She is confidential and great!!!! She got my case dismissed!!!” Read more

    – Yadira A.

  • She’s very good with the court system in San Antonio.

    “I had a protective order violation and I was so scared but she told me was going to be all right. If she says something, she’s going to get it done.” Read more

    – Tony C.

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