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Top 5 Ways to Avoid Getting Arrested on Black Friday

Ever wondered how you could accomplish the monumental task of keeping yourself out of jail on Black Friday? Well, wonder no longer ‘cus this infographic will give you all the tips you need. Or, if graphics aren’t your jam, scroll past it to read all about it.

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Top 5 Ways to Avoid Getting Arrested on Black Friday

1. Don’t Speed
We know you’re excited. 75% off everything? At Kohl’s?? We would be excited too! But maybe don’t race your way over to the store to get in line. Or risk getting arrested for Racing on a Highway…

2. Keep Your Thoughts to Yourself
Did that person just cut in front of you? Maybe. Should you yell a few choice names at them right here in the Kohl’s parking lot? Maybe not. Unless you really want to get arrested for Disorderly Conduct.

3. Keep Your Hands to Yourself
Okay, so somebody just yelled some really choice names at you in the Kohl’s parking lot. Now is not the time to push them. Even later, when they steal that pan set you really wanted. The prosecutors call that Assault…

4. Keep Your Pockets to Yourself
We know you put that earring pack in your pocket because you didn’t have enough hands and that guy was eyeing your cart. The police really will not believe you. Eyes are peeled for Shoplifting around this time so don’t tempt ’em.

5. Check It Out Before You Check Out
Again, we know that in your frenzy over the sheer amount of savings you were getting that you forgot about the gift bags you stuffed under the cart with the comforter set. It’s hard to see down there. Again, the police Will Not Believe you. Save the trouble and check under your cart a few times.

Thanks for reading! If you do end up behind bars, give us a call. We do free consultations and want to help you with your case.


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