Common Drug Crime

Drugs continue to be a significant problem not only in the United States but in Texas as well. As a result, when individuals face charges connected to a drug crime, they must be well-prepared for the legal processes that lie ahead. That is why in the below guide, we will go over some of the commonly asked questions about drug crimes in Texas and provide you with the answers and clarification you need.  

1. If You Have Drugs in Your System, Is That Considered Possession?

In Texas, possessing drugs is a serious crime that can result in harsh punishments, including everything from probation to lengthy prison time, depending on the amount of the drug found. 

However, technically speaking, having drugs in your system does not count as possession. In reality, to get in trouble for possession, the drugs have to be physically in a person’s care, control, or custody. This does not include going through their digestive system. 

2. What Is the Most Common Type of Drug Offense in Texas?

There are various different drug acts that are considered to be crimes in Texas. However, some of the more common crimes the State has to deal with include drug possession and drug use.

Yet, when it comes to the type of drugs most commonly associated with these crimes, the answer will depend on the area. For instance, certain parts of Texas are known for heroin use, while others have been associated with methamphetamines. However, in general, the type of drug that will likely be found will come down to what is the most popular drug on the street at that time.

3. Can Drug Charges Be Dropped in Texas?

Drug charges can be dropped or reduced. For instance, a felony charge can be reduced to a misdemeanor. However, the process of obtaining these changes is not easy. That is why if you want to know more about these options, consider discussing your case with an experienced drug crime attorney as soon as possible. These lawyers can review your legal options and determine how they can help you with your case.

4. What Types of Penalties Can Be Issued for Drug Crimes in Texas?

When it comes to penalties for a drug crime, Texas has a wide range of punishments, including fines, probation, jail time, and federal prison time. However, sentencing for each case will often depend on numerous factors, including the type of crime committed, the severity of the crime, the defendant’s criminal history, and whether other crimes are connected to the crime in question. 

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