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In Texas, a DWI charge may seem like a common occurrence. Almost everyone at least knows someone who has had to face a DWI charge. So it can’t be that big of a deal right? That’s where you are most certainly wrong. Do you need a lawyer for a DWI in Texas? At Krause Law, we certainly believe that you do, and that’s not us speaking as a lawyer, but rather from a purely legal point of view. 

What Can Happen If You Represent Yourself in a Texas DWI?

Legally speaking, you can represent yourself in a DWI case. You can represent yourself in any legal case, that’s just the law, but many people that face a DWI choose to represent themselves at their own peril, and there are a few reasons why you want to avoid this. The first could just be the cost.

Does a DWI Cost More With a Lawyer?

When there is a lawyer present, you can often get your penalties and fines reduced or even dropped entirely. How much could those fines and penalties be without a lawyer? In Texas, they can sometimes be as high as $20,000 and that’s not counting the hidden cost. What happens if you lose your license? Do you have to drive to get to and from work? What happens if you lose your license? Many choose to drive to work illegally and risk further damage to their situation. Others end up losing their jobs and have to find something different, often for significantly less pay.

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Can a DWI Land You In Jail?

Yet another perfect reason why you should have a lawyer on your side during a DWI case. You don’t want to end up in jail. Can you afford to spend 3 months in jail? Even if you can, would you want to? That could be on the table depending on your circumstances.

Do Judges Go Easy on People Without a Lawyer

There are a lot of myths surrounding lawyers and the law. In every movie and TV show, you hear about the person going to trial without a lawyer and how badly that goes for them. In this case, this is no myth. That is very much how you will be treated by most Texas judges when you don’t have an attorney by your side. It’s really not that they are going harder on you, but rather that they are going just as hard at you as they would if you were a lawyer with years of schooling and legal experience under your belt.

The Difference Between Expunction and Nondisclosure in Texas

DWI Defense Lawyer in San Antonio Texas

Are you looking for a lawyer that will defend you in the 210? Then you can count on Krause Law. We have years of experience helping people who find themselves up against a DWI charge. We don’t want you to pay more for the offense than you have to, we don’t want you in jail, and we ultimately want you to have the best chance possible of avoiding the charge altogether. At Krause Law, we will give you our best defense. Contact us today!

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