arrested for drug possession

Facing drug charges in San Antonio can be an incredibly overwhelming and stressful experience. Not only will your freedom and reputation be on the line, but your whole future can also be affected. In fact, those facing a drug conviction may have to deal with expensive fines, potential jail time, and several other life-changing consequences. That is why in the below guide to better help you understand how a drug conviction on your record can affect your future, we will go over some of the repercussions you can be facing following a drug conviction in San Antonio and how an experienced drug attorney can help you.  

Texas Drug Crimes and the Criminal Consequences You Can Be Facing

Drug crimes are taken seriously in San Antonio. Those found guilty of these crimes can face significant fines and lengthy jail sentences. However, the exact punishment a person can receive will usually be dependent on numerous factors, including whether:

  • This was a person’s first offense
  • The type of drug the person had in their possession
  • The amount of the drug the person had in their possession
  • Whether the person intended to sell the drugs
  • Whether the person conducted a sale near a minor or a school of the drug

Furthermore, felony drug charges will carry with them much harsher penalties than a misdemeanor drug conviction, including spending many years in prison and up to $10,000 in fines. In comparison, a misdemeanor drug conviction can result in one year in jail and up to $4,000 in fines.

Other Impacts a Drug Conviction Can Have On Your Future

Outside of serving time and paying extensive fines, a drug conviction can have other impacts on your life, including:

  • Limiting your ability to find employment
  • Limiting your ability to obtain or maintain a professional license
  • Limiting your ability to find housing in specific areas
  • Limiting child custody or visitation rights
  • Limiting a person’s ability to go to college, attend a trade school, or start their own business
  • Limit your ability to obtain a grant or student loan
  • Limit your ability to drive
  • Limit your ability to legally own a firearm

However, to better understand how a drug conviction can impact your future, consider going over your case with an experienced San Antonio drug crime attorney. These lawyers can review the facts of what happened, figure out the legal options you may have, and help you fight for your rights and the best possible outcome.

Contact a Skilled and Dedicated San Antonio Drug Crime Attorney Today To Go Over Your Legal Options 

If you are facing drug charges in San Antonio or have been arrested for a drug crime, your future is at stake. That is why do not wait to get your questions answered and figure out what legal options you have. Instead, contact an experienced San Antonio drug crime lawyer at Krause Law Firm today to schedule a free case consultation and learn how our legal professional can defend and protect your future.