Episode 10: Family Violence in the Law

Content Warning:
General discussion of physical and emotional abuse, explicit examples of physical violence
**00:19:32 – 00:20:21 – examples of minor and major act of violence**
**01:01:42 – 01:01:51 – example of minor act of violence**

00:00:00 Intro
00:01:22 Resources for Victims of Family Violence
00:04:59 Legal Definition
00:11:25 Abusive Relationships + the Cycle of Violence
00:17:05 Consequences of Conviction
00:21:02 Defending Victims and Abusers
00:22:51 Officer Arrests
00:28:13 District Attorney’s Office Treatment of Family Violence Cases
00:59:49 Final Thoughts

This episode features co-hosts Courtney Dailey, Staci Krause, and Kethry Tiggs.
It was produced and edited by Kethry Tiggs.